Coastal Pipe of Louisiana, Inc. distributes new API, surplus, used and repurposed oil country tubular goods (OCTG) to customers in the oil and gas industry as well as other industries throughout the country. Our API OCTG pipe inventory includes new steel casing pipe, tubing pipe, piling, surplus pipe, chrome tubing pipe and used steel pipe. Coastal Pipe is a proud member of the National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors.

All OCTG pipe materials supplied by Coastal Pipe will meet or exceed ASTM, ASME, ANSI and/or API standards, per your required specifications. Coastal Pipe provides a wide range of OCTG pipe in steel grades, for all oil or natural gas drilling and production environments including general purpose, API sour service, chrome tubing pipe, high collapse and high performance, proprietary sour service and deep well. We stock OCTG casing pipe and tubing pipe in API grades J55, N80, L80, P110, and High Collapse grades (HCL80 and HCP110).

With its rigorous inspection process, Coastal Pipe is one of the top suppliers of OCTG used pipe in the industry. Its reconditioned used pipe for oil field usage undergoes extensive testing before Coastal Pipe releases pipe for reuse in the oilfield.

Oil companies large and small, in South Louisiana and nationwide, have learned that Coastal Pipe can provide quality reconditioned OCTG used pipe at a cost far below that of new pipe. Through the years and the growth of the company, Coastal Pipe has expanded its business to selling new OCTG pipe as well as reconditioned used pipe.

Coastal Pipe’s OCTG pipe whether it's new, surplus or repurposed structural pipe can be used for a variety of applications including road bore casing pipe, caissons, pipe piling, dock piles, bulkheads, bollards, dredge and culvert pipe, slurry lines, bumper posts, fence posts, sign poles, columns, and more. See Structural Pipe for more information.

Whether you are managing a multi-rig drilling program or building a fence around your property, Coastal Pipe has the API OCTG inventory and logistics capabilities to exceed your expectations. Our team offers personalized quality customer service with each-and-every order assuring our customer’s needs come first. Coastal Pipe is dedicated to offering a quality API product and stands behind every OCTG pipe order.

Coastal Pipe’s convenient location, a long list of satisfied customers, an experienced and dedicated staff combined with our state-of-the-art technology keeps our customers satisfied and coming back year after year. Contact the team of experts at Coastal Pipe!


OD Wall PE/FT T&C/ft Collar API Drift  Available Grades
2.375" .190 4.44# 4.70# EUE/AB MOD 1.901" J-55, N-80, L-80, P-110
2.875" .217 6.17# 6.50# EUE/AB MOD 2.347" J-55, N-80, L-80, P-110
3.5" .254 8.81# 9.30# EUE/AB MOD 2.867"  J-55, N-80, L-80, P-110
4.5" .224 10.24# 10.50# STC 3.927" J-55
4.5" .250 11.36# 11.60# LTC, BTC, Flush Joint 3.875" J-55, N-80, L-80, P-110. HCL-80, HCP-110 
4.5" .290 13.05# 13.50# LTC, BTC, Flush Joint 3.795"  N-80, L-80, P-110, HCL-80, HCP-110
5.5" .275 15.36# 15.50# LTC 4.825" Limited Service, J-55
5.5" .304 16.89# 17# LTC 4.767" Limited Service, J-55, N-80, L-80, HCL-80, HCP-110
5.5" .361 19.83# 20# LTC, BTC, Premium 4.653" N-80, L-80, HCL-80, HCP-110
7" .317 22.85# 23# LTC, BTC 6.241" J-55
7" .362 25.69# 26# LTC, BTC 6.151" J-55, N-80, L-80
7" .408 28.75# 29# LTC, BTC 6.059" L-80, N-80, P-110, HCL-80, HCP-110
8.625" .264 23.60# 24# STC 7.972" J-55
8.625" .352 31.13# 32# STC, LTC, BTC 7.796" J-55
9.625" .352 34.89# 36# STC, LTC, BTC 8.765" J-55
9.625" .395 38.97# 40# STC, LTC, BTC 8.750" J-55, N-80, L-80
10.75" .350 38.91# 40.50# STC, BTC 9.894" J-55
10.75" .400 44.26# 45.50# STC, LTC, BTC 9.875" J-55
13.375" .330" 46.02# 48# STC 12.559" J-55
13.375" .380" 52.79# 54.50# STC, LTC, BTC 12.459" J-55
13.375" .430" 59.50# 61# STC, LTC, BTC 12.359" J-55
13.375" .480" 66.17# 68# STC, LTC, BTC 12.259" J-55