Experts in the pipe business

Coastal Pipe has been a landmark at its location on I-49 (167 N.) since the 1960's, and it's current owner, Doug Yentzen, has been involved with the operation of Coastal Pipe for most of his life.  His father, N. J. "Buddy" Yentzen, started the business years ago; he sold it during the peak of the oil boom.  The Yentzens came back to the business during the oil recession, and Coastal Pipe is thriving again.

Coastal Pipe has survived that recession, and with its location away from tidal surges but close enough to the oilfields for a quick access, Coastal Pipe continues to handle large quantities of used pipe.  Oil companies large and small, in South Louisiana and nationwide, have learned that Coastal Pipe can provide quality reconditioned pipe at a cost far below that of new pipe.

Doug Yentzen says he learned much about the industry from his father; most importantly is that to be good at reconditing used pipe, you need experience.  The team working for Doug at Coastal Pipe is an experienced one.  Five of the men in this team have been with the Yentzens for over twenty years each. Doug Yentzen rates them among the top 1% in the country in the used pipe industry.

Doug Yentzen loves the business he is in.  He credits his father with helping him "keep between the ditches"  and says that there can be no low points when you are getting to do the work that you enjoy.  With a converstation location, a long list of satisfied customers, an experienced and dedicated staff - and state of the art technology - Coastal Pipe continues to provide the oilfield with premium used tubulars.