About Us

Family business for over 50 years

Douglas M. Yentzen, now the owner of Coastal Pipe, has learned much about the industry from his father N.J. "Buddy" Yentzen.  Doug has been involved with the operation of Coastal Pipe most of his life.  He loves the business he is in, and says that there can be no low points when you are getting to do what you love.

Doug acquired the knowledge early on that to be good at reconditioning used pipe, you need experience.  The team working for Doug at Coastal Pipe is an experienced one. Our senior inspection person has been with the company over 30 years and the others have been with the company ten plus years.  Doug rates them among the top 1% in the country in the used pipe industry.  The pipe reconditioned for oil field usage undergoes extensive testing by our team before Coastal Pipe will release the pipe to customers.

Oil companies large and small, in South Louisiana and nationwide, have learned that Coastal Pipe can provide quality reconditioned pipe at a cost far below that of new pipe.  Through the years and the growth of the company, Coastal Pipe has expanded to a market of selling new pipe as well as reconditioned.  Coastal Pipe is dedicated to offering a quality product with integrity behind it.  Doug will work hand in hand with you should any problems arise.  Coastal Pipe's convenient location, a long list of satisfied customers, an experienced and dedicated staff and state of the art technology continues to provide the oilfield with premium used tubulars.